Our lawyers are held to a high standard and are committed to providing top quality representation to each client in every aspect of their cases. Here is what you can expect from your lawyer:

Communication: Your lawyer will keep you updated on the status of your case, all necessary appointments, and any settlement offers. Your lawyer’s name and phone number will be on the business card you receive at your first court appearance. If you want to contact your lawyer, please call (831) 429-­1311 or (831) 426-­2656.

Confidentiality: Everything you tell your lawyer, or other members of the defense team, is confidential and cannot be shared with anyone without your consent.

Professionalism: Your lawyer will be fully prepared for all court hearings and client meetings. This means that all appropriate motions will be filed and a complete investigation will be performed. Your lawyer will always treat you and your family with respect and dignity.

Accountability: We will listen to all complaints, concerns or feedback. If you have a complaint or compliment about your lawyer, please contact Larry Biggam at the above number or email him at Lbiggam@scdefenders.com